Benefit from White Label Utility Connection Software

As a mortgage broker in Australia, you have the opportunity to provide a variety of added services to your clientele by taking advantage of a new technology designed by Movinghub. Through professional white label utility connection software, you can handle client utility connections easily and effortlessly. It’s a great way to add value to your service offering and to provide much-needed assistance to clients who are embarking on the adventure of moving home.

The Movinghub White Label Utility Connection Software

When you use the utility connection software for mortgage brokers, you can enjoy a wide variety of benefits. This system offers a customer facing and company facing referral user interface that is an entry point into the Movinghub CRM.


  • Value add to existing services
  • Extend Client Engagement
  • Create Marketable Content
  • Point of difference
  • A conduit between your business + commercial partners
  • Industry-leading revenue generation

Movinghub software features:

  • Performance Dashboard
  • Embeddable UI
  • Microsite Technology
  • Configurable Services, Notifications and Commission Share

Servicing Utility Connections

Once your clients have been assisted in acquiring or purchasing a new home, you can continue to offer them service right up until they move into their new home. An aspect that clients often require assistance with is the utility connections. Utilities such as electricity connection, need to be disconnected at their old home and reconnected at their new home. This can often be time-consuming and clients don’t always know where to start. This is where your white label utility connection software comes in.

How does it work?

When you send through referral using the white label software, your client referral will be allocated a personal Movinghub Movologist (a moving specialist.) The Movologist will call the client and discuss available plans and services and be there to provide support throughout the move if it is needed.

Using this software enables you to basically have a utility connection business of your own, further servicing your clients and best of all – this white label solution is free. It is also worth mentioning that Movinghub offers a broad range of moving services and does not stop at utility connections. From carpet cleaning to gardening, storage to packing, removalists to the internet connection, Movinghub aims to have your clients’ house move covered.

Back to the software- there are many benefits to using the software and it will add value to your existing services, as well as boost your client engagement. Of course, this can also help to increase your revenues through the available commissions and in turn, continue to build your business.

Property Managers

This software is not only there for Mortgage brokers. The White label utility connection software for property managers can be a great way to handle additional services for the client. As a property manager, you know how important it is to always have your utilities sorted out before moving. By using the white label utility connection software you can provide value to your clients by offering them this extra free and convenient service.

Using the White label utility connection software is simple and easy with the peace of mind knowing this technology is backed by a solid support team. This means that you will always have the help you need, as well as, a chat service on the interface to make communication easier for you.

When you use the White label utility connection software your clients will be serviced by the Movinghub team of Movologists in Australia. The Movinghub team is dedicated to assisting white label partner clients and guiding them through the moving process.

Movinghub empowers you to assist your clients further when purchasing a home or moving into a rental property. The white label utility connections software gives you further opportunity to offer your clients a complete end to end service right up until they’re stepping foot into their new home.

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