Connect Electricity Before You Move In and Other Useful Tips

When moving home, especially interstate, you may have issues in arranging your utilities. Do you know how to connect electricity in your new town? Are there different suppliers to choose from? What about water and gas? What you want when you arrive at your new home after a long journey is an electricity connection. After all, you want the lights on, the ability make a cup of tea and prepare some food. God forbid you to arrive after dark and there are no lights.

Disconnect your electricity connection in your old home.

Switching electricity off before you leave your old home is something that is often overlooked. You want to avoid any disputes over electricity bills when the new owners move in. Phone up your supplier, have them close the account on the day after you leave. For safety reasons turn off the gas as this can be dangerous.

Connect Electricity On Before you Arrive

Switching electricity suppliers or to connect electricity at your new home should be a top priority when you move. To avoid spending your first few days in darkness, ring ahead to the supplier to get your electricity connection sorted. Set up an account ahead of time. You can have them turn it on the morning of your move-in date.


As well as electricity connection think about internet. In this day and age, the internet is a utility in itself and crucial for many of us who work from home or rely on it as a form of communication. There won’t be broadband when you arrive, so arrange ahead for it to be installed. Arrange for it to be installed shortly after you arrive or on the day of the move itself.


Many times the water will remain connected, but it’s no guarantee. Switching water on is just as important as switching electricity on. Talk to the owners or agent and find out. If it is not connected ring up the water company and arrange for it to be turned on. The last thing you want is not being able to have a shower when you arrive.

Movinghub and its Movologists can do it all for you

Moving is a very stressful and hectic time. You may not have time to phone up utility suppliers and to sort out the electricity connection, water, broadband, and gas. We specialise in connecting all utilities ahead of your arrival. This means that when you arrive at your new house, it already feels like a home. Our expert Movologists like to go the extra mile and make one of life’s most difficult things a little bit easier. We know that electricity switching and connecting other utilities are not always easy, and you may not know the best companies to call or how the process works. We do all this for you and we promise to find you decent rates and services that meet your needs. At the end of the day, you need hot water and to connect electricity – if you can’t get this done, give us a call and we will do it for you.

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