Using Removalists For Your Summer Move

Summer often seems to be the best time to move for most people – you have nice and warm temperatures, sunny skies and a lot of business happening during the warmest days. It should come as no surprise that most people prefer moving in summer, but without the right amount of planning you could face issues during the process. For this reason, we will give you some guidelines on how to handle this before calling your removalist:

  • Four weeks before moving

It would be a good time to begin looking for packing services and a removalist company before moving on to your new home. It can take time, but calling more companies will allow you to weed out many of them so you can find the one that gives you the best impression. You will need to ask as many questions as you can concerning the moving process and what you can do with it. You may have to have a representative of your chosen company come over to your place so they can check it out and give you a more accurate assessment of the final price.

  • Three weeks before moving

Now that you have prepared at least a bit, it will be a good time to start organizing your belongings for moving. This should be when you separate them into different categories or by doing some packing on a room-by-room basis instead. You will need to take care of some things that could be thrown away or recycled, while others will be worth donating to a charity or something similar. Trimming the belongings to a more manageable amount would be a good way to keep the price for removalists lower as you will move fewer items.

Making sure you do that will help you concentrate on things far more easily. Taking some photos of the place before you move on will be a great way to keep track of things and to ensure they are looking the same when they arrive.

  • Two weeks before moving

Schedule a chance to deal with maintaining and cleaning the place as well before you move on. When that is done you will need to start packing either by yourself or by hiring

  • A week before moving day

Check out how you will pay the removalists and prepare to do that ahead of time. You should also work on donating your frozen foods and other food that may be perishable. Either that or simply eat them so they won’t go bad before moving day. You should consider where you plan on keeping your pet on moving day. Keep the essentials around when you work on things, as well as a flashlight just in case.

After the move is done you will need to unpack, working on a room by room basis beginning with the kitchen, bathrooms and of course the bedroom. You should make sure your pets are well fed, paying attention to them after the job is complete will allow them to calm down and relax after moving.

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